We are excited to add imported Gunter from Europe with a rare Pedigree -which is hard to find in Berners today imported or domestic.   He comes from quality breeders who will not be importing to the USA again.   We selected him because he is a well balanced Berner who moves very smoothly.  .In our effort to get a quality Bernese stud, we paid $3500 for him having the chance to get him from a longtime Berner show dog breeder who was giving him up due to her changing life situation.  She said that one reason for getting him is because of 12 year average longevity in his lines.  I have not verified this on his pedigree but it could be researched.  His OfA prelims are good hips and normal elbows.   Gunter's AKC # is  WS44627901.  official name is American Boy  Pedigree.