Bella is a perfectly marked female with a beautiful head and a nice coat..  She is always wanting to please.  The Vet remarked how well mannered she is.  She spent much of her life in a Kennel without many excursions before we got her last summer so is a little shy at first but like all Bernese we have met has been quick to accept affection.  Bella has turned the favorite of one of our daughters because she is past the puppy stage so is not obnoxious to be around and loves to be petted and cuddled.  She is always wanting to go for a jaunt in the fields.   Bella has been an excellent mother very attentive to her pups.   Bella has AKC champions in her pedigree.  If you want to research pedigrees further go to berner garde database.  They don't show all berners but usually somebody in a  ancestry line will be on the registry so you can get pedigrees from there..

Hips OFA Fair (fair is in the normal range.  OFFA grades explanations), elbows grade 1.  













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