Rusty Water Ranch Bernese Mountain Dogs

Kurt and Beate Frome  

Kurt grew up in the mountains in Wyoming and Beate comes from Bavaria Germany so we thought Bernese fit well with our mountain and European backgrounds.  We are a family living an idyllic life on a Ranch in Montana. We are surrounded by mountains and many wonderful trails and outdoor activities.  We love Bernese Mountain dogs. We as in the parents and 5 boys still at home.. The dogs are part of our family and accompany us on our excursions. They are the best family dogs, affectionate, with gentle hearts, kind, loyal, understanding, patient, and more. As you can see in the picture gallery the children around them alot..  The dogs receive a lot of attention from us and our children. We live on 212 acres, have other animals as well, and enjoy the outdoors in all Seasons. We are a work from home family so are around the dogs during the day. .Looking for the perfect addition to your family, a Rusty Water Ranch Bernese Mountain dog would make a perfect companion.

Come visit our beautiful dogs and ranch.  We can put you up for the night in guest accommodations if you want

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