Abish- Retired

Abish is from Slovakia, From Swedish Bernerdelen lines.  Her father "Dream" is winning a lot of shows.  What you are going to notice about her is how big boned and drafty she is with a blocky head.  95 lbs at 15 months without being overweight..  Look at how wide her chest is.  Abish and Pawnee are full sisters.  We have not uploaded Abish's pedigree yet but you can see it on Pawnee's page.  Her OFA preliminaries hips tested good and elbows normal.  Her AKC number is WS42316102 , official name is Cursalllagh's Helen of Troy

Abish is a mild mannered sweetheart who loves to be out in the fields exploring.


7 months 

6 months:



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